1/26/09 Mock

Obviously everything below will be changed after the combine because for some unknown reason scouts and GMs are more than willing to throw away three or four years of tape because someone can run really fast in a straight line without pads on a track in track gear twice.  What a random way to spend millions of dollars.  But since mock drafting is more the art of predicting what will happen rather than what should happen my opinion still means relatively little, at least until one of the the organizations wise up a little and hire me (hint hint Texans).  Perhaps for my final attempt I’ll do one of each but for now we will stick with prognostication.  There are links for the Seniors at the best site I’ve found for breakdowns of each player but there is a lot of good stuff at www.draftcountdown.com.  Finally this is an open forum so in the words of Jim Rome “React to me”, let me know what you think.  Most people reading this are relatively heady sports fans and your opinions are more than welcome.

1) Detroit Lions-  Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia –  The Lions are in need of a major overhaul in almost every facet of their organization, as indicated by them being the first team to play 16 games and lose every single one of them.  They select Stafford because he has all of the tangible skills that you want out of a franchise quarterback, there is an abundance of depth along the offensive line, and there is no true number one pick in this draft. Scouting Report.  Video: One, Two,

2) St. Louis Rams- Eugene Monroe – LT – Virginia –  With Orlando Pace getting older and Alex Barron failing to show that he has what it takes to be a left tackle much less an elite tackle the Rams take the most certain left tackle in the draft.  His upside isn’t what Andre Smith’s is but you avoid the off field issues and he has a much higher basement. Scouting Report.  Video: One,

3) Kansas City Chiefs – Brian Orakpo – DE/ OLB –  This pick may change depending on who becomes the head coach but when you only have 10 sacks on the season and you have been forced to watch Tamba Hali, a previous first round draft pick, stumble without the help of a dominant force on the other side, then it seems pretty clear that this is a major priority for you.  Orakpo is a physical freak and will have the ability to get to the quarterback from either a 4-3 or a 3-4.  He may not be great against the run but he is the best defensive lineman in the draft.  Scouting Report. Video: One,

4) Seattle Seahawks – Michael Crabtree – WR – Texas Tech –  After an embarrassing season of injuries and ineffectiveness the Seahawks swoop down to grab the best wide receiver in the country for the last two years.  Crabtree has been an elite playmaker and big time performer, see the UT game, and is the only real hope of salvaging Matt Hasselbeck’s career.  The only other possibility for this pick would be Andre Smith if the Seahawks know something about Walter Jones that they aren’t telling us.  Jones had a micro-fracture knee surgery towards the end of the season, and at his age with the amount of weight that he carries that could spell the end of a wonderful career. Scouting Report. Video: One, Two

5) Cleveland Browns – Aaron Curry – LB – Wake Forest –  The Browns are in desperate need of a play-maker on defense.  With this selection they take perhaps the most versatile play-maker in the draft.  Curry who is a physical specimen can play either outside or inside in the Brown’s 3-4.  He can cover, tackle, blitz, and generally give new coach Eric Manginni someone that will make his defense a lot more unpredictable a la his days in New England.  Scouting Report. Video: One, Two

6) Cincinnati Bengals – Michael Oher – LT – Ole Miss –  The Bengals are coming very close to returning to true Bungal form.  Their team is obviously dependant on Carson Palmer to  have any type of success and if he has now become injury prone they must protect  him at all cost.  The off the field issues of Andre Smith throw up an even larger red flag for those residing in Paul Brown Stadium.  Oher is a fantastic player who has a great story and hopefully will be able to become a leader along the offensive line for the next decade.  Scouting Report.  Video: One

7) Oakland Raiders – Andre Smith – LT – Alabama –  Smith is arguably the most talented and dominating offensive lineman in this draft.  However, off the field issues and a possible weight problem hurt his draft status.  But who are we kidding?  Al Davis loves a physical freak and has never been one to worry much about off the field issues.  What was that saying? Oh yeah “Just Win BABY!” Video: One,

8 ) Jacksonville Jaguars – Malcolm Jenkins- CB – Ohio State – The Jaguars took a major step back both offensively and defensively.  Rasheen Mathis is still a very good corner but they might as well of had you or me out playing opposite him.  The Jaguars were ranked 24th in pass defense and are thankful that Jenkins wasn’t snatched up before he got to them.  Jenkins is not only an obvious choice for the best defensive back in the draft but has all the markings of a true shut down corner, which is always a good thing when you face Peyton Manning twice a year.  Scouting Report.  Video: One

9) Green Bay Packers – Aaron Maybin – DE – Penn State – The Packers reach a little bit to get an edge pass rusher to allow their new defensive coordinator, Dom Capers, to implement some aspects of a 3-4.  Maybin is undersized which is why he is a bit of a reach but he was able to produce a tremendous amount of pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Similar to when the Texans selected Mario Williams because they needed a 4-3 defensive end the Packers address a need at a spot where they have very little if any depth and get a very good player. Video: One

10) San Francisco 49ers – Jason Smith – LT – Baylor –  The niners pass up on the  USC quarterback, who is over hyped, to establish an identity that would more resemble Coach Singletary.  Smith will solve a lot of issues for them at tackle which will help both the run and pass games.  Scouting Report.

11) Buffalo Bills – Everette Brown – DE – Florida State –  The Bills were one of the worst teams at pressuring the quarterback this year and finished with only 24 sacks.  In other words only four more than Demarcus Ware had on his own.  Granted they had some injury issues but Brown may be the most complete prototypical defensive end in this draft and is coming off of an extremely productive season where he totaled 21.5 TFLs and 13.5 sacks. Video: One

12) Denver Broncos – Knowshon Moreno – RB – Georgia –  The Broncos are now without Mike Shannahan and his offensive system, thus they are also without the thought process that absolutely anybody can be an effective running back, kind of like Peyton Hillis (no offense).  So when the number one back in the draft drops to them at 12 they jump on him.  When I think of Knowshon in Denver for some reason I have a mental picture of him throwing out the mile high salute much like T.D.  Perhaps that’s because they are the same height and T.D. weighed three pounds more… Coincidence? I think not. Video: One, Two, Three

13) Washington Redskins – Michael Johnson – DE – Georgia Tech –  The Redskins need help at the DE position due to the career threatening injury to Phillip Daniel in training camp last year.  This was the impetus for the Redskins to trade for Jason Taylor but Taylor also ended the year injured and has only one year left on his contract.  Despite the fact that Daniel Snyder has a certain knack for signing and over paying veteran players I think this will be the last year for Taylor and Johnson will be a good insurance policy.  Johnson has all of the skills to be an elite pass rusher in the NFL but his motor has been questioned as he could not break into the starting line up until his senior season.  With an extra year to develop he could be a project worth taking on.  Video: One, Two

14) New Orleans Saints – Vonta Davis – CB – Illinois –  And the Big Easy finally takes a sigh of relief.  The Saints have been in desperate need of  help in the secondary for years and they grab a very good one here. Video: One

15) Houston Texans – William Moore – S – Missouri –  Texans fans may still be having flash backs to the traumatic experience that was Matt Stevens but Moore should put most of that to rest.  Moore is a monster at the safety position.  Weighing in around 225 Moore can deliver a decleater of epic proportions but still has good speed and can be an absolute ball hawk with eight interceptions his junior year.  Scouting Report. Video: One

16) San Diego Chargers – Rey Maualuga – ILB – USC –  The Chargers go with the best player available and forgo a chance to draft Beenie Wells. Maualuga is a tackling machine that will fit in beautifully to the middle of the Charger defense.  Sitting behind Jamaal Williams will make his transition a seamless one and Rey will be able to have an immediate impact on the game.  Scouting Report. Video: One, Two

17) New York Jets – Jeremy Maclin – WR – Missouri –  With new head coach Rex Ryan many people may expect the Jets to go defense but he understand that defenses can be dependant upon field position.  Maclin represents someone that can not only change field position and score points as a wide receiver but also as a punt returner.  This gives New York the most dangerous special teams unit in the NFL as well as someone that can stretch the field on offense. (I am working under the assumption that Farve comes back AGAIN)  Video: One

18 ) Chicago Bears – Mark Sanchez – QB – USC –  Does anyone remember the last franchise QB the bears had?  Yeah me neither, so they finally address it and cross their fingers that Sanchez continues to develop while hopefully sitting out his first year. Video: One

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – B.J. Raji – DT – Boston College –  Raji is one of the hottest commodities coming out of the Senior Bowl.  He has the ability to both stop the rush and rush the passer and could be an anchor for a defense that has only seen sparks out of their DTs since Warren Sapp left.  Scouting Report.  Video: One, Two

20) Detroit Lions – Alex Mack – C  – Cal – Mack is rated by many as one of the top offensive linemen in the entire draft and by almost everyone as the number one center.  With the selection of Stafford at number one taking Mack now will protect Stafford and allow them to form a long comfortable relationship. Video: One

21)Philadelphia Eagles – Eben Britton – T – Arizona – The Eagles may be reaching a little here but they have a good and relatively deep team that allows them to make this strech.  Britten in an amazing athelte, at 6′6 and 310 lbs he can run a 5.10 40.  Contracts also are a  major factor with both Tra Thomas’ and John Runyan’s expiring this year.  Both have been in the league for over a decade and while their decline may not be showing yet no one can beat father time.

22) Minnisota Vikings – Brandon Pettigrew – TE – Oklahoma State –  The Vikings miss out on the top two receivers in this draft and Hayward-Bey is still a little bit risky but they add the best tight end in the draft who can both block and catch the ball proficiently.  Scouting Report. Video: One

23) New England – James Laurenitus – ILB – Ohio State- The Pats continue their revitalisation of their linebacking core.  They now have two stud middle linebackers that can run and make plays from behind Vince Wilfork.  Tyson Jackson or D.J. Moore may be an option here as well.  Scouting Report. Video: One

24) Atlanta Hawks – Clint Sintim – LB – UVA – Sintim is a down hill tackler that can help the Falcons shore up their 28th ranked run defense and gives them flexibility with Brooking getting older now.  Scouting Report.

25) Miami Dolphins – Duke Robinson – G – Oklahoma – The Duke is one of the two best interior linemen in the entire draft and is a great pick here as the phins continue to build upon the line.  Along with Jake Long they will have a left side of the line that will push them forward for years to come. Video: One

26) Baltimore Ravens- Alphonso Smith – CB – Wake Forest –  As absolutely amazing as their defense was last year the cornerbacks left something to be desired at the end of the season.  Granted that is due largely to injuries to Chris McCalister and Sammari Rolle but Rolle is aging and McCalister has been injured before. Video: One, Two, Three

27) Indianapolis Colts – Perria Jerry – DT – Ole Miss – With the Colts defense giving up over 120 rushing yards per game they need to do something to shore up what has been consistently one of the worst rush defenses over the past couple of years.  Jerry is a legit DT that can cause havoc in the backfield. Scouting Report.  Video: One

28 ) Philadelphia – Percy Harvin – WR –  Florida – The Eagles have proven four times now that you don’t have to have a true number one receiver to make the NFC Championship, but it wouldn’t hurt would it?  Harvin is not a prototypical number one.  He is undersized and has been dependent upon moving around on the field but he has also been one of the most explosive and impactful players in the nation for the last two years.  With Andy Reid’s pass happy west coast style of offense Harvin may be able to find similar success. Video: One, Two

29) New York Giants – Chris Wells – RB – Ohio State – With the likely departure of either Brandon Jacobs or Derrick Ward the Giants replenish their backfield adding another elite talent.  If you are a Giants fan you don’t want to put any more pressure on Sheli… ooops Eli than you need to and a strong running game has proven to do just that.  Video: One

30) Tennesse Titans – D.J. Moore – CB – Vanderbilt – The Titans have shown malicious intent in refusing to draft a wide receiver in the first round and forcing their quarterbacks to struggle with whatever they happen to roll out on to the field.  With wide receiver “taken care of” the Titans take the best corner available.  By the way how was their defense that good with Nick Harper as a starting corner?  I don’t Know I’m baffled too. Video: One

31) Arizona Cardinals- LeSean McCoy – RB – Pitt – With all the trouble the Cardinals faced with a lack of a running game throughout the season and the unhappy Edge the Cardnals have no choice but to address the position with their first pick.  McCoy is a good all around back that can probably handle everything except for the short yardage stuff, but they will still have Tim Hightower for that.  Video: One, Two

32) Pittsburg Steelers – Tyson Jackson – DE – LSU – One of the more over-hyped players in the nation the last year or two but has all of the tangible skills that you would want for a 3-4 defensive end and since he is on the Steelers he will have time to grow into the position.  Scouting Report.  Video: One


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